Ever wonder how some people have the knack for landing almost any job they want 

while others struggle and stumble through the entire process from resume to interviews to negotiating their offer??!

The problem is that most people go about their job search the WRONG way!

Now this is how most people look for a job...can you relate?!

  • Come to the realization it's time to look for a job - which could be for a number of solid reasons like a recent graduation, moving to a new city, an unbearable boss, more money…or, let's see, a PANDEMIC?! Who would have thought??? 
  • Start incessantly searching for jobs on 15 different job boards - and set up a gazillion notifications for new openings
  • Tell 3 people you are looking for a job…oh and they are all the wrong people who can't help you
  • Look for your old resume in some folder (or create your first one?!)…and painfully and half-heartedly update this outdated and generic looking resume
  • Start writing that dreadful cover letter…but give up half way. It's optional, isn't it?! At least that's what you tell yourself
  • But wait, you remember you've got to update that LinkedIn profile as well! You have time...you'll do it tomorrow...maybe
  • And then you click "apply, apply, apply" to every possible job you remotely qualify for...
  • And then you wait.........and wait.........and wait some more
  • Lucky for you, this waiting turns out to be a good thing because you realize you skipped over one super important step...PREPPING for those interviews!
  • But before you even get started you tell yourself that "you've got this"! No prep needed. You want to come across "natural", don't you? Yup!
  • And then...YOU GET THE CALL!
  • You guessed what happens next - PANIC!
  • Then some more panic!!!
  • You search every possible blog written on the most important questions asked in an interview
  • You come up with a half coherent answer to "tell me about yourself"
  • Eat a tub of ice cream
  • Take a nap
  • Wake up and come to the conclusion that you were right all along - prepping is for losers
  • Do the phone interview ---> completely blow it ---> tell yourself it wasn't an ideal "fit" anyway

Alright, alright…I'll stop :)

So what's the point I'm trying to make here, you ask?

The point is that there is a wrong way of going through the job search process and there is a much better and more efficient way of doing this...one which has a significantly greater probability of success. 

But one thing IS for sure.

Looking for a job is NOT fun...and it is emotionally and even physically draining.

It's time-consuming, nerve-wracking, and a deflating process to say the least - ESPECIALLY if you are not prepared to take it on.

Spending hours upon hours searching through online job postings, trying to network with people, prepping for grueling interviews – none of it is fun. 

And, while there are countless blogs and articles and entire books written on the topic, none of them fit the bill like they should.

The blogs and articles do an okay job of providing tips on a particular topic but they don’t connect the dots and prepare you for the entire process of landing a great job.

Books, on the other hand, go into far more detail than necessary and tend to lose the reader with unnecessary and mindnumbing jargon that is promptly forgotten usually within minutes of reading them.

And unless you are willing to fork out thousands of dollars for a career coach to help you through the agonizing process (and that's if you do end up finding the right coach), the process is riddled with emotional ups and downs that can be very stressful for most people. 

As someone who has been through multiple job searches, changed industries, roles and job functions (roles and responsibilities), crossed borders to venture into new geographic and organizational cultures, I can attest that the "pain" is all too real. 

In addition to my personal job search experiences, by coaching thousands of career explorers, switchers, enhancers and entrepreneurs as a certified career and executive coach, I can confidently say that I truly understand the motivations and challenges faced by both employers and employees when navigating the job cycle.

Over the years, I have advised over 2500 job seekers across a spectrum of industries and experience levels (new graduate, mid-career and onward to retirement) through some of the most pivotal moments of their lives.

I've had the opportunity and priviledge to help my clients pursue opportunities in a great variety of roles as well as organizations big and small over the past two decades - from retail to restaurants, consulting to construction firms, startups to fortune 500 technology, energy, CPG and healthcare companies.

Many of my clients call me their "Job Doc" as I bring deep expertise from holding a doctorate degree in career development and the cognitive decision-making process behind the job pursuit process.

And I'm proud to share with you a small sampling of the companies that my clients have secured great jobs and careers at:

AND now I am excited to share the mindset, the tools, the tricks - all the invaluable job and career insights - packaged into a no-nonsense step-by-step program, called Job Search Blueprint. 

I've taken all the collective wisdom from coaching and advising over 2500 individuals (minus all the jargon and unnecessary "fluff") and created a simple, easy to follow 14-day plan of action that enables job seekers to persevere with success through the often exhaustive job search process, complete with 17 templates and worksheets to make your job search SIGNIFICANTLY easier!

In this "guide" I walk you, step by step, through everything you will need (and perhaps, more importantly, nothing you won’t need) to land the job of your dreams.

So, what is this Job Search Blueprint all about??!!


is a 14 day, easy to follow 

fill-in-the-blanks workbook style program

to help you land the job of your dreams.

It comes complete with 17 templates and worksheets to make your job search not suck the life out of you!

Here's what you get with this 9-step program

Step 1 of 9: Crafting Your Story    spend day 1 on this  

On day 1, you'll work on:

  • 100 jobs exercise (we ALL need to do this!) - WORKSHEETS INCLUDED
  • Creating your personal brand statement / elevator pitch - TEMPLATE INCLUDED
  • How to best answer "tell me about yourself" to impress their socks off...
Step 2 of 9: Getting Noticed    spend days 2-3 on this  

On days 2 and 3, work on:

  • Drafting a great cover letter - TEMPLATE INCLUDED
  • Creating a resume that gets noticed - TEMPLATES INCLUDED
  • All the important in's and out's of creating a great LinkedIn profile
Step 3 of 9: Finding the Right Opportunities    spend day 4 on this  

On day 4, work on:

  • Best ways to target your search by job function, company and/or your network
  • How to narrow down to an "actionable" list - TEMPLATE INCLUDED
  • Everything you need to know about informational interviews - TEMPLATES INCLUDED
Step 4 of 9: Understanding the Interview Process    spend day 5 on this  

On day 5, work on:

  • Most efficient ways to research the company - TEMPLATE INCLUDED
  • Best ways to research the interviewer(s) - TEMPLATE INCLUDED
  • Different types of interviews - you'll learn about all types from "screening" to "stress" interviews
  • Different "formats" of questions - general vs behavioral vs situational vs technical vs case-based questions
Step 5 of 9: "General" Questions    spend days 6-8 on this  

On days 6-8, work on:

  • Prep for 26 different general questions - anywhere from "tell me about yourself" to "what's your salary expectation?" - TEMPLATE INCLUDED
Step 6 of 9: Behavioral / Situational Questions    spend days 9-11 on this  

On days 9-11, work on:

  • STAR framework
  • Prep for 16 of the most common behavioral / situational questions like "tell me about a time you led a project and it failed?"
  • Specific questions you must ask about the job, interviewer, the company or its products / services as well as the next steps in the hiring process
Step 7 of 9: Before the Interview    spend day 12 on this  

On day 12, work on:

  • Nuances and details of appropriate business and business casual attire for men and women - with specific examples 
Step 8 of 9: Interview Day    spend day 13 on this  

On day 13, work on:

  • Super important last-minute reminders on the do's and don'ts before you walk into the interview room or prepare for that final interview over Zoom
Step 9 of 9: After the Interview    spend day 14 on this  

On day 14, work on:

  • Drafting a well written and memorable thank you letter - TEMPLATE INCLUDED
  • Some of the best ways to deal with rejection
  • Negotiating your offer - this is one of the most powerful chapters in this entire blueprint - this section BY FAR could easily pay for the program 10's or 100's of times over
  • Best way to turn down an offer
  • An essential checklist for what to do before you start your new job!

If you are ready to say goodbye to all the anxiety and overwhelm that typically comes from the long and grueling job search process, it's time to take action!

Click below to purchase Job Search Blueprint - it's the only resource you need to get the job you deserve

I am confident that JSB will not only provide you with the tools and templates to significantly reduce the stress involved in looking a new job, you will feel inspired and confident being equipped to succeed in your job search knowing that you are far more prepared than most other candidates in the job market.

After going through this step-by-step program I anticipate that many of you may even begin to look forward to the interview process, seeing it as just another opportunity to tell your story and to have a mutually beneficial discussion with a potential employer.

My goal here is to make this journey as easy and as pleasant as possible, all the while giving you great guidance (and tough love when necessary) so that together we can increase the probability of your success exponentially - not just for your next job but for the rest of your career!

Here’s what people are saying

Ramona is a highly effective coach who provided me with effective guidance in both professional and personal matters. She helped guide me through multiple career transitions listening to concerns and helping to make difficult decisions through out-of-the-box thinking and a collaborative style that gave the sense of being a trusted friend on top of being a mentor. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Michael Kao

I cannot speak highly enough of Ramona. Her passion and authenticity can be felt in every one of the activities she participates in, from her one-on-one counseling sessions to her strategic career workshops. We utilized a variety of different techniques throughout my career search process, and she taught me invaluable networking and prioritization skills that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my career. I am so grateful for all of her guidance over the past two years!

Priya Vij

Ramona has not only been a fabulous sounding board, asking the right questions to help me think about my career opportunities in different ways, but she has also helped me develop strategies to accomplish my goals. We’ve developed decision matrices to weigh different options, generated networking and outreach schemes to target and get in front of the right firms, and created plans to position my career for long-term success.

Rob Paulsen

About The Job Search Blueprint Creator
Dr. Ramona Arora

Ramona is passionate about helping people maximize their potential and supporting organizations in developing their leaders. With twenty years of experience in strategically developing and deploying tools that help individuals connect their true talents with ambition and vision – she has helped thousands of individuals successfully navigate career and life transitions, and have led organizations in developing and optimizing talent.

Ramona is often been called “the talent tinker," “the job whisperer,” and “the career connector” – and have been known to effortlessly make sense of all the "noise".

Ramona Arora

Only you are in-charge of your career and financial well-being

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